Thank you Roxette!


Last week, I received some sad news. Although I knew that Marie’s health is not very good, I never thought she would give up. She proved that the passion for music is stronger than any medical condition.

For me, Roxette will always be a vivid memory, not only because of the music, that made my life beautiful. I had a special bond with Marie and Per: In the winter of 2012, something wonderful happened. In my head, I had a story that I dared not to write, because I had a bad experience with my first book and because I am a disabled person, which has not been given the chance to prove that she has talent for writing.

I started writing the second book, when I saw the videos on „youtube” with Marie. In these videos, she revealed what she went through when she was sick. Marie’s story resembled with my imaginary story. Then I began reading about Roxette. The more I read, the more I felt that their story is my story! Then I felt I had to write the book „Stars dance”. I wanted that Marie and Per to meet me.

In 2012, they came for the second time in Romania, at Cluj Arena. I managed to get there myself and my mother and my brother. I listen Roxette since childhood. That was the first concert I ever attended and I’ll never forget it. I didn’t manage to give them the manuscript of the book.



Last year, on May 5th, I had the most beautiful event of my life. The book „Stars dance” was published. This way, Marie and Per helped me to fulfill a great dream of mine.



Roxette came on May 17th in Bucharest. I attended that concert with a friend of mine and two other girls, all eager to hear Marie and Per live. The organizing company helped me to fulfill my second dream: I got to know Per and gave him the book „Stars dance”, with a message written in english. Then I witnessed the concert with joy. I felt like that would be the last one.


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Marie is a life lesson that should be known much more. People today don’t know what is a strong passion for something, how is to overcome all obstacles with the help of that passion you have in life.

Marie, thank you for everything you did for the music!

Thank you, Roxette, for making my life more beautiful!

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